Fine tuning our senses keeps us lit.

Sensual thinking turns up the wattage.

Our senses link us with each other. Fine tuning connects with what we ache for. When we are aware of what we sense, it’s suddenly sensible to be a fool for love. Why not go beyond the obvious and take advantage of seeing, hearing, taste, touch and smell? Notice what you notice. Never give up.

Fine tuning your senses is the way to be in sync with change. It’s how to connect with the pleasure of momentum. You notice and decide much more with your senses than you realize. Our senses connect with good timing. Everything stimulates your senses to enhance experience. Our senses guide us to bond.

Be powerful and fine tune each sense – taste, touch, smell, listen, see and feel. Intuition, the 6th sense is a gentle, persistent nudge that comes ‘out of nowhere’. Everybody feels it. Intuition is not intellectual or emotional. Some call it, insight or ‘gut feeling’. It is with your 6th sense, you notice energy of attitude. Sharing attitude is sensual syncing.

Intuition coordinates priorities automatically to tune us in to what matters.

When our 5 senses are tuned, intuition is sharper. We clearly ‘get it’. Depending on core intuitive values that we feel – like courage, dignity, patience or curiosity – brings empowering awareness and excitement to simple moments.

Intuitive values are attitudes that easily guide healthy decisions and help us relax. We ‘get’ connections and jump ahead by collaborating in conversation. Communication is more direct when we’re fine tuned. Our senses are efficient filters that signal pleasure or protect us. Using them keeps us feeling fresh. Feeling energy of intuitive attitude with our mind fuels passions, creativity and our sense of purpose.

Thinking with your senses keeps you lit. Feeling with your mind keeps the fire burning.

Feeling with our minds is how we maintain refreshed perspective. Sensing opportunity, danger or dreams means we’re fine tuned. While your senses trigger memories that include survival, protective or sexual energies, you also connect with purpose and feel celebration. Fine tuning syncs decision making with values. Using all of our senses keeps us in tune with each other and good timing. We feel in control because we are in sync with change.

Intuition links what you feel with what you sense and what you know. It’s a reality check. It’s easy to recognize attitudes of connection, rejection, curiosity and enthusiasm with your 6th sense. Stay fine tuned to feel inspired, in harmony with your world. There is no loneliness. Sensual thinking is this easy balance of thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind.

Turn up your personal wattage by talking less and sensing more. Notice what you see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Being in sync with change can be very intimate.

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.~ J.M. Power