Like the internet, sensual thinking circles the globe with a constantly adapting presence.

Sensual thinking is your reality check from a moving perspective.

You seek solutions on the web that feel right because what you sense and what you think work together.  It is a constantly updating reality of momentum.

Change is a moving perspective and the energy-generating reality check of daily living. While your mind can be anywhere, it is always what you sense that keeps you in-tune with change by engaging your moments. Thinking with your senses protects you from walking into traffic, missing a call or wearing a bikini in the snow. Feeling with your mind is how to responsibly make connections, communicate and create your life.

With the internet and sensual thinking, we sync with change and each other. There are no hard-set limits. Instead, there are  tools and boundaries to sync with the bigger picture. Using search engines without linear constraints, we know anything is possible. For example, to solve a problem we might see 2+2= 22 or play a game for insights.

With the internet and sensual thinking, every life is part of the big picture. It’s natural to stay in touch with who you are, to achieve what you want, by maintaining a global perspective.

Sensual thinking, like search engine thinking, leads to unexpected ways of moving ahead. Change is constant but never predictable, so controlling it is an outmoded myth. Thinking sensually is the only connection with momentum. To bring in the new humanitarian age, we are sensually syncing to navigate change. Because we are in the flow with momentum, it is a process of new options, answers, ideas and solutions.

New thinking is that Nature, Technology and Music are tools for success. It’s recognizing that playing games can be a way of learning and that by using our senses to think, there is more time to live well. By thinking differently we respect ourselves and our world differently and are responsible for the future.

Everyone is part of the big picture.

Old thinking (dogmas, paradigms, etc) does not solve new problems. We thrive when we’re in sync with ‘what’s happening’. Responding to change is your vital connection with self-control and purpose. For each of us, inner and outer world success depends on recognizing what is real and what is right. That is our intuitive reality check.

When you think with your senses and feel with your mind, constraints of politics and dogma disappear. There is less stress. Intuitive values are the global currency for transparent conversation and change. They are your connection with character. Depend on these values to filter decisions that keep you true to yourself and in sync with others.

Sensual thinking is the productive, natural way to sync with the present. Because momentum is relaxing and energizing, that’s how to stay vibrant. Do this by noticing attitude is part of the conversation. Sensual syncing is a very cool reality check. It’s as natural as the tides of the ocean.

Intuitive values include dignity, courage, patience, determination and curiosity.  Use these attitudes to be open to the unexpected and able to sync with momentum. They are natural protective filters that put a new kind of transparency and purpose into your communication. The result is, as you navigate change, you sense balance  in your life.

New technology and this new way to think, give us the power of elastic thinking to use for the greater good. Our sense of timing is changing. We are constantly adapting by thinking differently.

Reality is powerful. The reality check of sensual thinking reaches around the world. This is the beginning of a new Humanitarian Age where, with a foundation of intuitive values, there is less stress, more time and constantly shifting realities.

Be Bold. Think Differently.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.~Richard Buckminster Fuller

Connect With Destiny

Connect With Destiny