Compassion is a kind of heart-powered magic we each have inside that keeps us balanced. It reminds us to Never Give Up.

human heart beats compassion

Compassion is a beam of light on the gem that is your heart.

When we think with our senses and feel with our mind we connect with compassion. Perspective becomes bigger and we have a positive impact in our world. At the same time, perspective of our own potential is recharged.

Compassion is personal power that can be as simple as listening when someone speaks. Use your power.

Compassion is sensual syncing that opens your heart and mind simultaneously. It expands horizons in our lives beyond the obvious, bring unexpected opportunities and insights. Through the eyes and ears of compassion, it’s natural to experience a huge sense of freedom, balance and connection. Sensual syncing is a satisfying feeling of being in touch with momentum.

Compassion is universal, natural, sensual connection. When we think our senses by noticing what we notice, the routines of daily living slide into the groove of our highest potential. Our heart feels light. By noticing attitudes of curiosity, dignity or courage you feel with your mind. This is how to make direct access to inspiration and unexpected solutions for success.

Sometimes an unexpected smile or a compliment from a stranger passes through us, making a gentle sensual connection like a soft breeze and this balances us with a tease of lightness. Our natural energy radiates.

Compassion nourishes your heart the way oxygen fuels fire. In romantic relationships, compassion keeps us ‘hot’. When efforts or energy are ignored, our heart withers. We lose passion.

Everyone needs be noticed. Universal values cross paths with every need in our lives every day. Compassion is a sensual way of noticing each other. When we notice effort for good in each other and respond with acknowledgment, we spread goodwill.

During the TED talk below Ernesto Sirolli uses compassion to think outside the box. By listening with his heart, he uses attitudes of determination and dignity to collaborate, heal and to make a lot of money.  Mr. Sirolli is a noted authority in the field of sustainable economic development. This video is called: “Want to help someone? Shut-up and listen.”

Think with your senses: Slow down to hear what people say = opportunity.

Feel with your mind: Follow curious hunches = $$$.

Compassion is inner power.

Stay balanced. Never give up. Talk less, sense more.