In the 60’s, music was the connection with an open state of mind.



Boomers were ‘turned-on’ by the truth. Mind expansion to find understanding, peace & love was a goal often drug, meditation or music driven. Today mind expansion happens when we surf the electronic cloud.

In the turbulent 60’s, music rallied an open state of mind, connection with community & peaceful political protest. Music, art & fashion helped people change their thinking. It was a time of change when idealism was spurred by violence & frustration. Important changes have endured like integration & woman’s liberation, while other lofty goals have not. Boomers have learned a lot & have scars of wisdom to prove it.

Today again, we’re thinking differently. Thanks to technology, we have better tools for maintaining community, creating a great legacy & fulfilling destiny. Universal values  hinted at in the 60’s, are today’s rallying points to power launch much needed enduring change in our world. That new change is Sensual Thinking.

Do you need Crystal Blue persuasion? It’s timely all over again.

The 60’s was a beginning and now we’re taking it to the next level. Sensual thinking is only possible because of today’s technology. Technology has taken us from dogma driven choices to open-ended search engine thinking. Yes, the focus is still on the greater good. The difference is that today it’s about the whole world working together. Not one generation working alone.

Knowing how to think with our senses and feel with our minds relaxes 20th century mind-sets. It will open dialog between generations. We all want the same things for our future. It’s time to collaborate outside the box for new answers.

Multiple generations are harnessing the energy and spirit of Boomers to create a tide of open-minded leadership to give others shoulders, to stand on as they move forward. This is a new Humanitarian age. Join and keep change happening.