Passion pumps our focus turning it into personal power.

What are you passionate about?

Passion drives your ability to catch what Life throws in your direction. It’s this enthusiasm that pushes experiences up a notch. You feel alive in the moment. With senses focused there is instant connection with passion. Sensual syncing is the excitement of momentum.

Passions transform the way we focus. Focus grows stronger and more resilient.  When you balance the power of passionate focus with a foundation of  patience, your timing gets better. That means you are more effective, more efficient and happier. Passion keeps you in-touch with inspiring personal power. Never giving up is a ‘no brainer.’

Dignity you feel in your heart is a kind of passion. Listening with not just open ears but with an open heart, bring insights that connect with passion. Use dignity to focus on honoring yourself. Become more discriminating. You make better choices by staying in sync with change. The pay-off is a new sense of balance and relaxation.

the key to magic Passion turns the key to self-understanding. It connects with heart.

Passions are personal. Whether we’re drifters, dancers, risk-takers or dreamers, when we look into our eyes in the mirror and make a commitment to live in sync with what we sense, there is a kind of passion that is starlight in our veins. Lovers, believers and change makers do this every day.

Passionate focus helps you communicate, collaborate and love more easily. Notice what you notice. Trust what feels right to you. Intuitively it feels right to protect yourself. Dignity, courage and curiosity protect you and fuel your passions. When you think with your senses and feel with your mind, focus improves. Life is not complicated.

Sensual living is erotic, elegant, considerate and wildly spontaneous. Choosing intuitive values to protect our passions keep us balanced. We need these to filter our thinking so we don’t sell our freedom cheaply or trade it for security or status.

By thinking with our senses, we are in sync with change. That buys opportunities and timing.  As passions bloom and focus is grounded with values, the power of excitement has no limits.

Stuff that brings life alive like good health, love, personal creativity/productivity, peace of mind and friendship all connect with passion and cannot be purchased with money. Passion comes through the heart. It inspires, endures and provides purpose in your life.

  • To find passion, notice more:
    • Look closer at what you see. Inhale fragrances.
    • Touch more carefully. Listen with eye contact.
    • Find curiosity in your heart. Feel dignity and enjoy humor.
    • There are no limits to passions. There are boundaries.
    • Learn about yourself and what you love by noticing what you notice.

Live robustly in the preciousness of your moments. Think with your senses and feel with your mind to find your passion. Embrace your heart. Let your dreams fly. Be humble, work hard and believe in what feels right. Live sensually, enjoy passionately.

“We do not need Magic to transform our World. We carry all we need inside ourselves already.” ~ J K Rowling
Quick Note: I have received questions asking me to write about sexual passion and love. Yes. I’ll write about both in future posts. Love is my favorite topic. JB