Intuition is our 6th sense. It’s our connection with Destiny.


Everyone has it.  It’s the elephant in the room.

The job of our 6th sense is to coordinate priorities before we think about it. Intuition doesn’t tell us anything, it’s a head’s up. Just like our eyes, nose and ears intuition is automatic.

When we notice what we sense. we benefit. Our senses are re-set buttons that keep us in sync with the present. Our senses keep our perspective, which helps us have an open mind. The 6th sense, intuition, keeps us going in the right direction. It’s our genetic GPS.

Using six senses happens all the time. Everyone as felt a ‘nudge’ or a ‘gut feeling’ and ignored it. Usually we take what we sense for granted. Noticing what we notice is sensual thinking. Since living is full of the unexpected & the impossible, it’s smart take off the blinders. We need all of our senses to navigate Life successfully.

“Man your ships, & may the force be with you.”Star Wars, George Lucas

The ships are our 5 senses & intuition is the ‘force’. Our 6th sense maintains communication between all 5 senses and connects this input to our body, mind and heart. Look at your hand, and think of your five fingers as your 5 senses and your palm as intuition. Your fingers only work together because of your palm. Your palm is a connects and an enables action and so does the 6th sense. If we hurt our palm it’s hard to hold a hold a glass. When we ignore our 6th sense, our other senses cannot work to our fullest advantage. This leaves us handicapped.

Tuning into what we sense connects us with feelings of purpose. Responding to the intuitive nudge guides us to achieve the best quality of life.

Right now –TinyFlower1– you don’t really know how your eyes are reading this, but you are. You don’t understand how you hear music or the sound of a voice, but you do. How do you see color or feel textures? 

The 6th sense is an inner resource everyone is born with. Its job is to serve our best interests 24/7. How does the scent of perfume make you feel? Who is thinking when you make instant decisions? We naturally accept what we sense.

Sometimes intuition is called gut feeling, 6th sense, common sense, instinct or that ‘little voice’. Everybody feels the occasional intuitive nudge.Our 6th sense is a direct connection with the survival instinct. It is never destructive. Intuition balances what we sense with what we know, making beneficial choices are clear. That why it’s healthy to notice intuition when we eat.

It’s automatic to think with our senses and feel with out minds. Sensual syncing happens when we feel intuitive values like courage, dignity, determination, curiosity or patience and share them with others automatically. When we depend on intuitive values to guide choices, they are the golden ticket to success.

 Every time we notice what we see, our perspective is fresh – all in an instant, without thinking. Then our brain relaxes and we see something new. 

PinkFlower01a-3Observations are how we punctuate life. We never stop growing, changing or evolving. But, if we fall out of touch with any of our senses, we are out of step with change and out of step with ourselves. Tuning into our 6th sense keeps us in rhythm.

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