21st century fashion clearly vibrates with technology and rides the crest of change.

Fashion is fluid.

In style, is being in sync with the times. 

More than clothing, cars, counting calories or changing your opinion, being ‘in fashion’ is the art of being in sync with the times. That’s why everybody notices what’s fashionable. It’s a reality check. Fashion can be sensational, soothing, shocking, reaffirming, refreshing, original or hackneyed.

Fashion that’s hot vibrates. It reflects social trends, new thinking and innovation. Your fashion displays personal attitude. Your style is an acknowledgment of values. It’s how you reinvent yourself every day.

Fashion, like thinking with our senses, is being physically in the moment. That is how it inspires, refreshes and entertains us. When fashion feels good, it is often a color or design statement that responds to a dream. Feeling good and looking good raise our energy levels. With a sensual approach you are more open to possibility and potential. You sync with change in your life.

 Sensual Thinking is how to create your life with purpose. Your style is a response to what feels right. The fashion you wear may be personal, but everybody notices it.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life’s about creating yourself.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

image is a statement about your power of discrimination. Style a celebration of color, tone, shape, texture or vibe. Style is sensual syncing. Our senses constantly source fresh data that puts you clearly in control of choices. Feeling with your mind connects with global intuitive values like dignity or curiosity. These filter spam and viruses from your decision making. It’s a big advantage.

Think with your senses; feel with your mind. Keep in step with the kind of fashion that feels good long term.

Like the 1960’s when fashion blended with politics & represented personal freedom, today music, art and technology consciously break traditions, mirroring social movements and champion having an open mind.

Freedom is our most fashionable accessory. ~ Jane Bernard

A big advantage for creating enduring change is technology! Recognizing time, place and connection is the spontaneous and powerful to create your future. Sync with style: Think with your senses & Feel with your mind.