Time Surfing is Sensual Thinking.

Need time? LOL

 Time is more than a measurement of 86,400 seconds every day. In fact, time has texture.

We feel it and we can manipulate it.


Timing is a skill.

Time surfing is intuitive thinking that expands time. It happens when you choose to notice what you sense. Thinking with your senses adds textures of memory and excitement to your moments. Our senses enhance the way we experience time. Sensual syncing is quality time surfing.

With sensual thinking, as you notice what you sense, you feel textures and dimensions of time. Instead of sliding through moments, and wondering where the time went, things work out.

  • Timing surfing is sensual thinking. It feels like balance, focus and skill working to get you where you want to be. Thinking with your senses is easy: Trust what you notice with your senses. Be brave; connect with your passions.
  • Notice what’s under your skin. Feel with your mind. Intuitive values right under your skin are tools that feel deeply right. They are your attitude and the foundation and strength of your character.
  • Sensual thinking is a balance of character and passion. It’s a powerful and peaceful combination.

Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind is different from ‘using your head’. It’s easy to get lost or spaced-out in your head. When you think less and sense more, focus is instant.

Sensing is quicker than thinking. When you think with your senses, you recognize a sound, touch, smell, fragrance, or sight as a blip on your screen that resets your POV – in a blink. That means, there are still a lot of blinks left in your day.

Your sense of time changes because you notice more. You discover your rhythm. Tt’s easy to accomplish more by being in sync with change. Sensual syncing connects with expanded timing because you are ‘thinking’ faster. Time feels slower but it isn’t. Time surfing is cool. Welcome to your new ride.

Elastic time is flexible. Adapting to your needs and resources becomes simple. You see things differently. Playing with your dog or having time to unwind, fits into the day. There is time to live your dream.

People who have set records often say, time seemed to be in slow motion – when in fact, they were moving faster and doing more. In sports where it’s common to balance what you sense with your goal, time surfing is part of the strategy. We experience elastic time by noticing what we notice. Sensual thinking gives the power of perspective.

For artists, time surfing is syncing creatively. Instead of time pressure, time surfing is an easy 360º perspective that morphs with time to constantly maintain the big picture. Life stays simple and in focus.

Everything you experience is sensual. Change is in your face 24/7. That’s why it’s easy see and understand naturally with sensual thinking. Good timing takes practice and desire. Surf time by tuning-in to energy or vibrations that you sense with your 6 senses. Noticing change is being in the moment. Sensing feels like passion, self-interest or recognition. It’s rewarding.

Sensual thinking and time surfing will not carry you to another world, but will reveal the most profound and awesome dimensions of the world in which you already live. Live richly. Don’t settle for less.

Be in sync with time to stay fine tuned with what’s impacting your Life. Go for genuine quality of life: integrity, diversity, respect, accountability, flexibility, supporting one another, exceeding expectations and naturally, love. There’s time and energy for all important things when time expands using sensual thinking. Take advantage of the power of  a positive attitude, discover innovation, expressing your ideas and, equally important, listening to others. It’s simple and easy. Your priorities stay in focus, with time to achieve them.

May your eyes shine with insight and potential and may the waves of time be kind to you. Live your dream.