Have a party or share a meal where food is savored, music is felt and eye contact’s required. Look inside your imagination. Be bold and have fun. Leave your comfort zone to walk with the changing edge of time. SensualThinkingParty@transitionspress.com

Attend Curious#Happenings. Experience the excitement and satisfaction of Lucid Living. Feel rhythms of intuitive connections with purpose and love. Curious edu-tainment happens with magic, music and soul. Sensuality deeper than touch awakens passion and rewires thinking to connect with destiny. Use it to sense will-power and courage. Event Design Overview

Intuitive sensuality is ecstasy and imagination. It’s common sense and charisma. You were born with it. Life conjures the unexpected and the amazing. Learn to use natural sensuality to defeat stress. Regular intuitive sensual eating is the guaranteed stealth way to have energy and peace of mind. Intuitive Eating Starts With An Appetite

Let us create Curious#Happenings in your school, office or home that can focus your dream for creating the future.

Anyone can tap-in to the intuitive feminine mind to sense timing, purpose, and style. It’s part of our DNA. Don’t wait until you feel overwhelmed. Start today. Your life is part of the grand design. LUCID LIVING


It’s time to come to your senses. Intuition is a call to action. You can rewire your thinking to take Life to the next level. Use cellular sensual tools to access answers that tap-in to creativity and happiness. You know more than you realize.

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This is an exceptional opportunity to know your inner voice. You have answers. Common sense and courage are intuitive bedrock of inner peace. Learn to keep cause and effect in focus and take stress out of the picture.

Transitions that bring prosperity, career success, romantic love and self-esteem are in front of us. Be in-tune with your body, mind, heart and soul to sense good fortune and change. How things come together is ‘common sense’. Intuition is inner power that has always been part of you. Get sound-bites: FINE TUNING

If you are not happy with the status quo and want to be part of and create innovative systems in-tune with human values and needs today then stop procrastinating. Use Sensual Thinking make connections that drive understanding and satisfaction. Stay in touch with the big picture. Tune to Love. intuitiveLearning@transitionspress.com

Fine Tuning: Your Sensual Thinking


It’s easy to experience sensual thinking. Open to any page for a soundbite of insight from this intuitive oracle. Guaranteed satisfaction every time. FINE TUNING is the lite companion of LUCID LIVING.

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