Avoid Autopilot.

Living is a gift. Today can never occur again. Grab it with the magic of your senses. Live richly.

Entering the new day on autopilot is a trap. The cost is low self-esteem and missed opportunity.

Thanksgiving is the day we turn off autopilot. It is one day when the big picture of  life is put into perspective. Avoid autopilot. It’s the path to where things go wrong. Instead, think with your senses and feel with your mind.

  • Autopilot puts you in life-limbo where time is on speed and “bad stuff” happens.
  • Because autopilot is like being numb, balance is lost. Being out of balance = Stress.

Sensual thinking with foresight is the dependable handrail for staying on-track. The big-picture strategy of sensual thinking is especially clear during the holiday of Thanksgiving. It’s the combination of the restful day, good food and purpose that centers us. Thanksgiving’s message reconnects our most powerful inner sequence of competing life priorities to achieve a refreshed perspective. At holiday gatherings, we are reminded to celebrate Life. We see the big picture and feel gratitude. Being on autopilot is an unpleasant disconnect from gratitude.

Foresight is the intuitive strategy for self-defense that you feel with your mind. It’s the simple act of considering the results of what you are about to do before pushing send, crossing the street or eating too much stuffing on Thanksgiving.

Intuitive global values are every person’s connection with insight. They tap-in to the natural support system for best quality of life. For example, foresight, dignity, curiosity and courage effortlessly balance what you want, need and desire to stay in sync with your priorities.

Foresight expands time by balancing what you know, what you think and what you feel to prevent ‘bad stuff’. It keeps good times happening. Using foresight is time surfing that grabs textures of emotions and values with what you see, hear, taste touch and smell. It is the 360° now.

Thanksgiving reminds us that time is limited and constantly passing. Sensual thinking is strategy for success with the time you have: Notice what you notice. Why not be thankful for your time?

 “May you have the hindsight to know where you’ve been, the foresight to know where you are going and the insight to know when you have gone too far.” ~ Irish saying

Never Stop Orbiting.

Value your time and your Life. Notice what you notice. Live fully. Never stop orbiting.

“Even when you are uncertain, do not use this one day wastefully. It is a rare treasure to value. Do not compare it with an enormous jewel. Do not compare it with a dragon’s bright pearl.

Old sages valued this one day more than their own living bodies Reflect on this quietly. A dragon’s pearl may be found. An enormous jewel may be acquired. But this one day out of a hundred years cannot be retrieved once it is lost.

What skillful means can retrieve a day that is passed? No historical documents have recorded such means.

Not to waste time is to contain the passage of days and months within your skin bag, without leaking. (To Live Fully) Thus sages and wise ones in olden times valued each moment, day and month more than their own eyeballs or the nation’s land.

To waste time is to be confused and stained in the floating world of name and gain. Not to miss the passage of time is to be in The Way of The Way. (In Sync With Time)”  – Dogen (1200-1253)