Boundaries protect us.

Things always change. We wake up navigating new issues balanced with old responsibilities. We don’t need limits; we need direction.

Intuitive boundaries point toward creativity and comfort.


Personal boundaries protect your integrity and do not limit your heart.

Intuitive sensual thinking identifies personal boundaries that protect what we value to help successfully navigate changes in our lives. By thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind, you find a balance of sensuality and morality. You can stay true to hearts and in sync with change. We can fall in love, quit our job or attend a high school reunion and keep our needs and dreams intact.

Sensual syncing is ultimate synergy that connects with character. Our character is where we have strength of invisible boundaries that attract power, romance, personal satisfaction and success. Character is right under your skin. Find your boundaries. Use them to live richly and get what you want.

Intuitive values are boundaries of unquestioned quality. As sensual thinkers we know prudence and foresight are backups for navigating change. Prudence is weighing our options. Just like comparison shopping for commercial goods, we also notice options and their impact on who we are in relationships. Foresight is intuitive self-defense. It is looking ahead at the consequence of what we’re about to do. We use foresight before we cross the street. It’s helpful for navigating all the streets of life. Trusting our boundaries opens unlimited possibilities of real and lasting value.

It’s easy know our boundaries; they are our safety zones. Recognizing social boundaries is smart. In intimate relationships, boundaries gives us a moment to pause. Tact, which is a feeling of what to do or say to avoid offending others, is respecting boundaries. Every day sensual syncing keeps boundaries clear so we don’t ‘go too far’.

Thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds keeps us careful, responsible and loving. The way we hold powerful boundaries in place is called, ‘character’. By trusting personal boundaries we become irresistible, rich, tuned-in, smart and decisive. Character is an intangible energy we find in ourselves and that we admire and trust in others. This is how we recognize character.

  • C – charm (is) Irresistible
  • H – health (is) Rich
  • A – awareness (means) Tuned-in
  • R – reason (is perspective)  Smart
  • A – action (means) Being Decisive
  • C – caution (is protective) Being Careful
  • T – timing (when it’s right)  Hot
  • E – ease (doing what feels right) Responsible
  • R — rest (self-respect) Loving

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Darwin