Thinking outside the box is natural.

Parenting is not easy to navigate. It’s a constant refresher course in thinking outside the box. The ‘job’ of parenting is 40% love & 60% guidance. Teaching your child to use universal values in their decision-making, is priceless. No matter what challenges happen along life’s path, universal values, like courage & dignity, are handrails of trust that endure.

Old educational systems are crumbling. The old emphasis on instruction needs to evolve to a new appreciation for discovery. Technology is a constant source of new options. Change is normal. Children are naturally in the present and in sync with change. Parenting is often a balance of respect and discovery.

Sensual thinking provides  boundaries that bring clarity & perspective. Our children turn to us for guidance. Learning to respect their senses while eating teaches kids to connect with their appetite differently. When they notice how food tastes and feels to their body, this slows down eating. Parenting is like investing money in the stock market; we all need insider tips. Global values provide them.

Young Students Against Bad Science  High school and college students take issues connected with science education.

Patience is the universal value that resets our perspective by providing breathing room. It takes a lot of breathing room to parent wisely. Breathing room is patience that lets thinking outside the box happen.

Thinking with our senses is child’s play. Accepting that things constantly change is natural for those growing. While we may see nature unfolding as ‘environmental’, it’s not a big stretch for our kids to see themselves.

Nature, a natural ‘school of life’, is the perfect blend of creativity & self-discipline. It doesn’t falter or give up when there’s a hurricane. Forests are decimated by fire & new life appears. Thinking in times of crisis is highly overrated. Nature doesn’t think; it responds by staying on track. Sensual thinking keeps us on track, no matter what hurricanes of life we experience

It is said that all we need is love. Love is not always easy. To stay in touch with love, imitate nature. It is consistent, unique, unpredictable, extraordinary & persevering. We’re supposed to reflect it. Recognizing universal values keeps our minds open & in sync with our hearts.

Moments spent tasting food, enjoying music & observing nature with children, are in a class of their own. Besides being an opportunity to share wonder, these are times to experience & understand universal values with shared laughter, mutual trust & the security of connection. Teaching those you love to love, is showing them how to be present in their lives 360°.