Collaboration is sensual thinking.

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. —Ryunosuke Satoro

Did you ever stare at someone and they turned towards you? Have you noticed if you smile at someone, they smile back? Did you ever think you might hear from a friend, and you did. Everybody unconsciously notices energy. It’s our sensual bridge; sensual connections are awesome! It’s intuitive to collaborate this way for the greater good.

The collaboration of ideas is a subtle energy experience. When we “put our head’s together” to come up with a solution, we are building bridge between ideas to solve a challenge. We think with our senses and feel with our minds. We can meet any challenge with collaboration.

Collaboration is part of all creativity. A great artist has a muse; music is a collaboration of sounds. Great meals and successful relationships are collaborations. Because we are all sensual beings, collaboration feels natural and conflict feels uncomfortable. Collaboration is sensual. We feel it with our minds.

In the 1960’s we called good collaboration, good vibrations. Today millennials entering the workforce are natural collaborators. This fabulous generation of healthy, sensual thinkers naturally seeks good vibrations. From playing video games, millennials often value collaboration and teamwork over competition, to solve problems so everybody can win. People under 30 generally value fun in their personal and in work life. This healthy, natural way of adapting to change sidesteps the stress older generations often deal with daily. 

Sensual thinking is not about words, it is collaboration with change. Change is the new normal. We collaborate to balance what we feel with what we think to stay in sync with our lives and our world.

Because millennials have grown up multitasking on mobiles, iPads and computers, if the energy no longer feels productive with what they are doing, they intuitively move on to the next goal. Search engine thinking teaches us there’s always another option. Many melliennials  stay in sync with change and options they can feel with their minds. This is efficient, productive sensual thinking.

We are changing from a world steeped in the past to our own brave new world. Balancing wisdom of the past with the constant incredible diversity of innovation today is the collaboration of sensual thinking and how the power of change will endure.Thinking with our senses keeps us aware of the present, and feeling with out minds gives us a liberating perspective. The future is unlimited.

Staying in step with change, in our lives and our world, is done by staying clear about what does not change. What does not change is the human ability to feel what is right. What feels deeply right is collaboration.