Balance happens naturally because we automatically sense and respond to energy. 

We know more than we realize.

As we talk less and sense more, sensual intuitive thinking keeps us balanced. It’s important to look in the direction we want to go. If we focus on dogma, the past or our fears, it throws us off-balance.

Balance is momentum that feels like inner stability. Every day the unexpected happens. The secret of being in sync with change is being open to it. Awareness keeps us steady. As we face challenges, evolve and change, continuity and balance are found with sensual syncing. Sensual syncing is a gentle, vibrant, connection that balances us across the small table of time and space we travel every day.

When a situation is shaky, thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds connects with the big picture. This gives us a comforting solid foundation to stand on. Searching for feelings of dignity, self-discipline and courage when we feel unsure, is using our inborn intuitive safety net.

Balance isn’t always easy to feel because we get distracted by confusion and misunderstanding. Sometimes we’re flowing along a certain course and discover we hit a bank, or we’re trying to paddle upstream, become exhausted and give up. It happens. By stepping back to connect with intuitive guidelines like dignity and courage, we are able to reset our perspective and recenter our lives. Ironically, stepping back allows us to move forward with balance.

Change happen every day. Maintaining momentum in any situation takes courage. Courage helps us see unexpected possibilities and problems before they throw us off balance. With dignity as a guide, it’s natural to respect who we are and what we have. This way we gain foresight to plan our next steps, so they are solid.

Dancing in rhythm with change – to the beat of dignity – is cool! When we’re balanced it’s natural to connect with our imagination and sense of possibility. Balanced thinking, collaborating and communicating keep life relaxed and easy. Living well is a balancing act.

Balance connects us with character, style and each other. It is rejuvenating to stay clear about what feels deeply right and be in step with change. We know much more than we realize. It’s time to tune-in to who we are and what we value.

“Life is like riding a bike. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein

 Staying balanced keeps us on our true course.

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