A good athlete has balance, judgment, and good timing –

So does a good lover.

Sensual thinking creates unbeatable good timing.

Timing is always important. Thinking in sync with change tunes into smart choices. Feeling with our minds balances the perspective. Thinking with our senses and feeling with with our minds puts us in ‘the zone’ of good timing.

It is a fact that every judgment connects with what we sense. Because it’s automatic to think with our senses, they are our first line of defense. Our senses warn, confirm or signal, keeping us aware of timing or opportunity. We can ignore what we sense, or get the message.

To have good timing, our responsibility is to ourselves. No one makes us do anything. When we ignore what we sense, things don’t work out.

While good luck is desirable, it’s out of our control. Good timing, however, is always an option. Every day, we have options. Good timing requires noticing what we notice with our senses and our mind.

  • Choosing to look at what we see, is an eye opener. When was the last time you looked closely at a person you love? Or when did you really notice the food on your plate? Our senses give us ‘tips’. What we notice can be a pleasure or a head’s up. That’s when timing saves the day.
  • If we listen to what we hear, it’s automatic to maximize it to our advantage. When we listen, we hear attitude, emotion, information and content. We don’t have to think about it to notice the big picture or recognize the message. We ‘get it’.
  • Even though we can think emotionally or intellectually, intuitive intelligence is always a balanced mix. Balanced thinking puts us into a comfort zone that connects with confidence.

Intuitive sensual thinking naturally optimizes timing. When we feel attitude with our minds, choices become more intelligent.

Global intuitive values sync us with character and personal passion. Relying on them creates a support system and balanced safety zone. Feeling safe makes it easy to leap, explore, expand, fall in love or face the truth. Life is an adventure.

Good timing keeps us in ‘the zone’ and often seems to connect with good luck. People say, we make our luck. It’s certainly worth the effort!

Technology reboots our thinking with upgrades; things change all the time. In every part of our lives, we can be surprised when things ‘go wrong’ or be in sync with timing.

Stay ‘in the zone’. Feeling safe means we explore, expand, fall in love or face the truth while moving forward with the adventure of living.  Enjoy!