Signs of Change

It’s good to be part of change, while it’s happening. That way, there are no regrets.

Notice signs. Forewarned is forearmed.

Signs make life easier. Our senses give us a reality check, revealing unexpected problems or pleasures. Responding to signs keeps us ‘prepared’.  Noticing what we notice is how to protect ourselves and seize opportunities. Even though our senses protect us, we often feel, see, hear, taste and ignore signs of change.

Today, technology primes us to see and respond to signs faster. Updates are automatic. We immediately respond, share or delete them. That keeps us tech safe and in the flow of what’s happening. We need that same safety in our lives.

Keeping in-touch with signs along the path of living lets us recognize long-term impact of decisions. It also guides us enjoy the present. Importantly, signs help us know ourselves better. Thinking with our senses is easy. Feeling with our minds is intuitive and opens the picture. Smart choices become obvious. Choosing ‘unexpected’ options is often the smoother way to move forward with change. Talking less and sensing me we discover relaxing balance and new enthusiasm.

Everyone can notice signs of change. Realizing changes by looking backwards or by having our face rubbed in it doesn’t work for quality of life.The powers and pleasures of good timing are always in sync with change. Sensual thinking is a kind of alertness to grab a handrail of perspective and feelings of purpose for navigating change.

There are signs, but no shortcuts for life transitions to happen.

Every conversation has signs that guide us to see and communicate better. When we tune-in to attitudes, we sense change easily. Global intuitive values are our gold standard perspective to filter signs. We thrive with better connections, communication and comforts. While change is often personal, the direction to go is for the good of all.

In the ’60’s, hippies responded to signs they could feel, see and hear. They rebelled against dogma & out-dated rules by singing. Boomers pushed, sang, protested injustice & made love through sieves of social pressure, defying “the norm” to create a new norm, and things changed. Now, it’s time to respond to signs again, to change the way things are done and move the quality of life ahead. Its time for a new worldwide social revolution.

Thinking with our senses keeps the power of change obvious. The sign says it’s time to keep reading the signs.

“All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo

For hippies, hair & clothing were signs of freedom & free spirit. We weren’t worried about the environment then. The economy was good. Vietnam & civil rights were our hotspots. We never could have imagined it was a sign that young men & women would die all over the world in fruitless wars for the next 60 years. There were lots of signs but no practical foundation for us to stand on. Peace, love & understanding are powerful solutions for navigating change, but not without connecting with the wisdom & free-flow of intuitive global values.

Hair prejudice was a sign, intuitively handled with music. This 2007 version of Hair (1968) signals that the revolution continues.  Think with your senses, then connect what you value with what you think to get long-term satisfaction. Stay in sync with the signs in your life and our world. Be curious. Change is happening.