Patience is the secret of satisfaction.

People who are satisfied smile more, look good and sleep well.

Patience is a way of being true to yourself that unwinds feelings of confusion. It keeps you in touch with the big picture.  A result is good timing. Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind means seeing and hearing beyond the obvious.

Patience is the secret of champions.

The next time you feel stress or frustration, why not turn the tables on what’s happening by choosing an attitude of patience? In your busy life, the idea of taking time to be patient may not seem useful. In fact, the opposite is true. Patience is the key to satisfaction. Ignoring it is a self-defeating mistake.

Sensual intuitive thinking is feeling the nudge to have a patient attitude and respecting it. Patience creates breathing room, so we feel more confident. Confidence is a kind of satisfaction. With it, your expression is easy and the big picture comes together.

We value and respond to patience because it makes us comfortable. It’s cool! When we share patience in conversation, it creates trust that builds relationships. Being patient allows newness and purpose to lead your choices.

Patience is a global, intuitive value that clearly makes communicating easier. In personal relationships, sports and business, an attitude of patience is power. Patience is one way we show respect for ourselves, each other and Life. 

  • Why not be patient with yourself? Try it. It’s a natural stress buster.
  • You will go from focusing with anxiety on what you’re doing, to a making choices from a place of confidence.

Being patient is common sense. It’s trusting that doing what feels right, is right. Everything takes time. Allowing things and people to evolve at their natural pace is in your best interests. This doesn’t mean we stop working hard to achieve what we want. It means that when we sense a need to be patient, we trust it. It’s a big advantage that brings more time to enjoy living.

Stargazing takes an attitude of patience and connects us with a sense of awe. Did you know we are made of stardust? It sounds unbelievable, but every atom in our body was formed from the dust of an exploded star. Patience opens up worlds of possibility. Be patient with yourself. Be patient with those you love and with life’s challenges. After all, you’re a star!

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