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event design

We are producing a series of happenings all over the world and we’re having fun. With a fantastic, creative team of artists, our goal is to guide social revolution through thought evolution. 

Plan to enter through a portal of lights and silk, to leave the familiar to change rooms in your mind.

At Curious#Happenings, music, scent, light & technology are designed to relax, reset & affirm our natural sense for connecting the dots. There will be magic and humor to keep it real. You will walk away refreshed, restored with new insights & feeling new courage to be progressive for yourself in the face of what is unfamiliar, to find new solutions for old problems.  

To kick it off, we are starting with in 2015, in New York City with 3 hours of immersive theater of experimental edu-tainment leading a guided tour of Sensual Thinking. Music, new technology, magic and humor are part of the event design. We are ushering in thought evolution ~ grounded in bravery and good vibrations. Experience is the beginning.

Our focus is the senses, where music, scent, light, magic and technology easily relax boundaries of thought and connect with global values, to spark enduring creative thinking for the greater good.  Because listening to music is like flying through time and space without moving, the strategic use of original and familiar music, is our thread through. Intuitive sensual thinking keeps us secure on the path of change. There will be dancing. Expect to experience magic, a new sense of personal possibility and global connection.

Our goal is to connect with the needs our times and to reset the moral compass by thinking differently. Get ready to leave the familiar and reach new heights. With sensual thinking, it is easy to feel the courage to be progressive for yourself in the face of what is unfamiliar, to find new solutions for old problems. 


More coming.


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